Proventeq Content Suite Installation Guide


About this Guide

The attached document contains details of hardware,software and permission requirements for Proventeq Content Suite.  Installation of Proventeq Content Suite provides access to Proventeq Migration Accelerator or Proventeq Insight, based upon the licensing key provided.

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Change History

 Date Description 
17/6/2022 Initial release documentation
1/7/2022 Added clarification on optional requirement of Oracle Client
7/7/2022 Corrected whitelist for licence endpoint to
26/7/2022 Corrected database types support for Hummingbird
18/8/2022 Added support for SQL Enterprise edition
15/9/2022 Added requirement for M-files admin tools
22/11/2022 Added Edocs clarification
1/6/2023 Added details of user account required for OpenText CS
18/9/2023 Added reference to Documentum REST API
16/2/2024 Added reference of IBM DB2 client drivers
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