How To: Migrate “Forms” Folder in Sharepoint.


There can be requirement to migrate a folder having name as “Forms” but, there is a hidden "Forms" folder already present in each SharePoint document library. The Forms folder is used by SharePoint to store document templates and it is a system reserved name.

To overcome this, we can rename that particular folder in source system before migration or we can follow below steps to rename this folder during migration:

1) Click Folder to Folder content type mapping settings in migration task settings window.


2) Click "Title" field setting to use the below script.


3) Select script mapping type, provide the name of the script, add the below script and save it


If($MigrationItem.SI.ItemName -eq "Forms")


return “Forms_”




return $MigrationItem.SI.ItemName


Note: You can change name "Forms_" in above script.

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