HowTo: Use Structure Mapping using Metadata Expression


There can be a requirement to create the Metadata based structure in the target. Please refer to step by step guide to achieve the same.

  1. Please close the Proventeq Migration Accelerator instance if it is already running.
  2. Please change below application settings key “StructureMappingExpressionMatchFormat” in “Proventeq.MigrationAccelerator.exe.config” file present in the installation directory as per your requirement.
Please note that the application configuration file is included in Proventeq Migration Accelerator installation directory (typically "C:\Program Files\Proventeq\Proventeq Migration Accelerator\Proventeq.MigrationAccelerator.exe.config")
  1. Value of the Key should be as given below:

<add key="StructureMappingExpressionMatchFormat" value="<Parameter Name>= ‘{<Source_Metadata_Name >}’" />

<Parameter Name> - Parameter name which needs to be initialized for the Source Metadata Name.

<Source_Metadata_Name> - Source Metadata column where the structured Mapping is to be used.


OR function is not supported

 4. You have to give respective Metadata expression in source path in the Metadata Expression Structure Mapping File.

<Parameter Name> =’{<Source_Metadata_Value>}

<Parameter Name> - Parameter Name which is mentioned in the above step.

<Source_Metadata_Value> - Source Metadata value which is present in the Source Metadata Column.


  • Matter='{Insurance}' AND SubMatter='{Car insurance}'


Please note that the sample Metadata Expressions Structure Mapping file is included in Proventeq Migration Accelerator installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\Proventeq\Proventeq Migration Accelerator\SampleFiles)
  1. Open the Migration Accelerator and give the Metadata structure mapping in the migration task and run the migration.
  2. The structure will be created with the metadata expression provided in the Structure Mapping.
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