Content Analysis


General Distribution

This reports show the general distribution of content within the system. This includes content type distribution, mime type distribution, versioned documents and documents under folders.

User Workspaces

Content Usage

This "Content Usage" section gives various insights into the historical use of your source system.

  • The content creation and modification charts give an item weighted, choronological overview of any additons or changes to content.
  • The Created and Modified slicers allow you to narrow down the timeframe of the analysis.
  • The remaining graphs show the various user, and content type information for the currently selected time slices.

Content Relationship

The "Content Relationship" section is geared towards giving an entirely different view to your content's structure, here you can see the version count distribution of any documents in addition to an interactive map of your content hierarchy.

Item Density

The "Item Density" section provides a birds eye view of your content distribution, here you can see how evenly the content is spread throughout the source system.

Container Analysis

The "Container Analysis" section gives insight into the shape of your hierarchy.

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