Introduction and First Run



Power BI Reports harnesses the power of Microsoft Power BI and the wealth of information stored in the Migration Accelerator staging database to provide intuitive and interactive drill down reports.

To view the reports for a task, select the “Power BI Report” from the ‘Select a Report’ dropdown. Select the task for which the reports need to be generated, and click ‘Run’. This will launch Power BI with information related to that particular task. To view a complete report for the entire source system, run this report on a task that has the source mapped at the top level.

Power BI Desktop Install

A pre requisite for this report is the installation of Microsoft Power BI Desktop. Install Microsoft Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft site

Install the product in its default location. If the product is installed in a custom location, please contact Proventeq support for help with configuring the Migration Accelerator for custom path.

Set up PBI Environment

The installation of Proventeq Migration Accelerator create a directory called Proventeq in directory (typically C:\Proventeq\PowerBI ) and its containing the .pbix and .CSV file

Set up PBI Configuration

Please perform the below Power BI configuration changes:

  1. Open the Pbix file in the above installed location.
    1. Click File à Options and settings à
    2. Click “preview features” tab in the Global section.
    3. Uncheck all the features and select only “Composite Models”.
    4. Click Ok in Options Window.
    5. Click Ok in “Features requires restart” window to restart the Power BI application to enable the feature.



  1. On clicking the Power BI report from the Migration Task. Open the file by clicking ok to trust the sender.

  1. Click Validate to continue with respective credentials.

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