G-Cloud: Specialist Cloud Services and SaaS for UK Public Sector


CrownCommercial-1000x600.jpgProventeq is an approved supplier on G-Cloud 9, the Government's cloud-services procurement framework operated by Crown Commercial Service. As an approved supplier on G-Cloud, Proventeq is able to help UK public sector organisations with the following:


  • End to end migration solutions for transforming and migrating content from legacy systems into new generation and Cloud based systems e.g. Microsoft Office 365, Oracle Document Cloud and WebCenter, Invotra, Drupal, and other open source ECM/CMS system
  • Migration of systems that house business critical content and digital records on to Cloud based systems
  • Migration of web-based systems such as Intranets and public facing websites


More information is available on the Proventeq website:




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