7.1 - Discovery Log Report


Every time, user discovers items, a snapshot of the source system is recorded in the staging repository. This report gives full detail of items discovered in each discovery process.

To generate Discovery report, select “Discovery Log” from “Select a report” drop down and select one of the Mapping for which the report has to be generated. Then click on “Run”.

Discovery run report will show latest run statistics for every Synchronized task. Below are meaning and description of the status messages from discovery log.



Status message


New Discovery from Source

Item which is newly added

Modified on Source

Item which has been processed previously and modified since then

Updated item has been added back after deletion
Deleted on Source This indicates that and item has been deleted since one of the previous discoveries. The deleted items are listed against the Discovery run which last successfully discovered the item.
Blank File was new in previous discovery and has not been processed
Same item has been added back after deletion




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