Introduction to the Execution View


The Execution view is divided into 2 sections

  1. Migration Tasks – where all the user created migration tasks are visible with the number of items to be processed in each The count will be 0 prior to discovery, but will show the total items discovered post discovery.
  2. Task details – This section shows the details of the selected migration task. This section is split into four distinct areas
    1. Execution - This Execution screen parted into:
      1. Discovery - to discover what is on the source system. This is the first step in migration. Once the item discovery is complete, the items can be verified by clicking on “Items Explorer”
      2. Pre-Migration Check - to check erroneous items/contents from discovery
      3. Process - to process the items and load them onto the target system. This step can be executed only after the Discovery has been run at least once and at least 1 one item has been discovered.
      4. Post Process – to perform post processing actions on items to be migrated. This will be mainly used to process shortcut links or resolve links based on items migrated in Process stage.
      5. Reset – to reset the items uploaded to target system, so that they can be reprocessed.
      6. Erase – to delete the items migration staging database. Ideally it should be done after Reset if items are processed. After Erase user has to redo Discovery of the items in order to migrate them.
    2. Items List

    3. Items Explorer

    4. Show Graph




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