5.1 - Create Task Using Default Settings


To create a new migration task, first select the source container that you wish to migrate. To select a container, expand the tree in the “Source Connections” pane and select the folder/container you want to migrate.

Similarly, expand the “Target Connections” tree, and select appropriate target container within which you want the source items to be migrated.

To create migration tasks, simply drag and drop a source container (e.g. Folder) on to target container (e.g. Document library). Alternatively, select the containers and use the ribbon “Create”  command button. This will create a new migration task and launch the settings screen where you can specify settings like - content type mapping settings, metadata mapping settings, general settings, content type structure mapping settings and user mapping settings - for that particular Migration Task.




All the created migration tasks are listed in the "Migration Tasks" pane.



You can remove migration tasks by selecting a task from the migration tasks pane and clicking on the “Remove” mceclip0.png command button in the ribbon. This will delete all the records of that migration task from the database.

The settings for an existing migration task can be edited by clicking on the Settings.

To navigate to the Execution view, you can click on the Execute icon against a task.

Alternatively, you can select the Execute tab on the ribbon control and then select the task in the Execution view. At least one Migration Task should be created.



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