5.5 - Edit Target Container


If you wish to load the items of a migration task to a different location, you can use feature “Edit Target Container”. You need to verify whether target connection with new site collection URL exists. To do this you can follow below steps:

  1. Add new Target Connection having new site collection URL or
  2. Edit existing Target Connection by changing the site collection URL.

After above steps you can click on 5.5.png icon of a migration task and edit either “Library” or “Site Collection URL” based on your requirement.


Note: Editing target container or Site Collection might load items to a different location which you specified and it might be possible that few items were loaded to previous location. To maintain consistency, we erase processed items after editing container by default. This will however not delete items loaded to target but only erase from migration task.




Edit fields “Site” or “Library” and click on “Save” button. This will pop up a dialogue box with option to Erase processed items or cancel save operation.






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