4.3 - Target Connections


“Target Connections” pane is located at the right side of the main screen, and is designed to display the user created Target connections and its content containers.


target-sharepoint.png Add (SharePoint 2013) Connection Adds a new SharePoint 2013 Target Connection
target-office365.png Add Office 365 icon Opens a dialog to add a new Office 365 Target Connection
target-config.png Edit Target Connection Edits configuration of selected target connection
target-refresh.png Refresh Target Connection Refreshes the content tree view for selected connection


Click on target-office365.png icon (for Office 365), or the target-sharepoint.png (for SharePoint) located in Target Connection ribbon group to create a target connection. This launches a new dialog.


Add Office 365 or SharePoint  Connections

Office 365:





The following fields needs to be configured for a SharePoint Connection:

  • Name: Name of connection, to uniquely identify the connection within the workspace.
  • Site Collection URL: URL of the target SharePoint Site Collection.
  • User Name: User name for connecting to SharePoint. The user should be an administrator for the target Site Collection

    • For SharePoint on-premise, the username should be the ‘sAMAccountName’,
      e.g. user

    • For SharePoint online, the username should be the ‘User Principal Name’,
      e.g. user@domain
  • Password: Password for the above mentioned user.

  • Domain Name: The domain name where SharePoint user is created. This field is used only for SharePoint on-premise.

  • Default User: The default user to be used for setting Author/Editor fields in the target Site Collection if the source user is not found. This field is optional.


Click on the "Test Connection" button to verify that the details entered are correct.

Click on the “Add” button to add the SharePoint connection.


You can check the source and target collection sites by expanding them, along with contents, in the Source and Target pane area as part of migration although it is not a mandatory step.

You can then either Edit Connection or Refresh Connection but these steps are not mandatory.



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