4.1 - Using the Home Screen


The Home screen of Migration Accelerator consists of five panes as shown in the image below:

  1. Ribbon
  2. Information pane
  3. Source Connections pane
  4. Target Connections pane
  5. Migration Tasks pane


The controls within each pane are described in the following sections. 


Proventeq Migration Accelerator provides use of fluent “Ribbon” interface. Within each ribbon tab, related controls are consolidated into one area for users’ ease of access. By default, the “Home” tab is selected when a workspace is opened. The other two tabs available for a workspace are:

  • Execution and
  • Report 

Home tab ribbon:


Execution tab ribbon:


Report tab

Information pane

Here you will find guidance on getting started with source and target configuration and migration task creation.

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