HowTo: Merge the content of a folder directly into the root of a library


There are two ways to merge content of a folder on to a root of target library:

Create a Migration Task mapped directly to a Library

    1. Select the Source Folder/Container from the Source hierarchy

    2. Select the Target library from the Target hierarchy

    3. Click on the “Create” button in the Migration Tasks section of the Ribbon


    4. The “Migration Task Settings” window should appear; click on the “General Settings Tab” within it.

    5. Select the “Merge” radio button under the “Mapping Options” header
    6. Create Migration Task

    7. Click on the “Close” button

    8. To verify the mapping configuration, you can process then verify a few items from the newly-created task. The root container item should not have been created on the target but all its processed children should be present at the root level of the Library.

Create a Migration Task with structure mapping

Merging the contents of a folder on a library root can be achieved with the Structure Mapping feature.

The first step is to create a structure mapping file; you need to do discovery first to get the URI of the Items.

Below is a Sample Structure Mapping file. You need mapping setting as Merge in Structure Mapping file which is shown in the below sample file.


Source URI of Items


Target Site Collection where Items will migrate


The target Library


The folder on the target in which items will be migrated.


Create: This option will re-create the Source hierarchy as is on the Target.

Merge: This option will exclude your source Item and the Items underneath that folder will merge on to the given target path.




True – Create any required folders on the target even if they do not have corresponding source items.

False – Only create folders for which there are corresponding source items, failing if any parent folders do not exist.



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