HowTo: Split the contents of a folder across multiple sites and libraries


Splitting the contents of a folder across multiple different sites and/or libraries can be achieved with the Structure Mapping feature.

The first step is to create a structure mapping file; you need to do discovery first to get the URI of the Items.

The Sample Structure Mapping File is attached to this article below.


Source URI of Items


Target Site Collection URL (For Tenant level migration task only). The value in this column needs to be specified relative to the Site Collection.


Target Site where items will migrate. The value in this column needs to be specified relative to the Site Collection. Use ‘/’ for mapping to Root Site of Site Collection


The target library. The System Name of the library must be specified in this column. E.g. if the library has a Display Name ‘Shared Documents’ but the system name which appears in the library URL is ‘Documents’, then this column should specify the value as ‘Documents’.


The folder on the target in which items will be migrated. The folder path must be specified relative to Library. Use ‘/’ for mapping to root of library.


Create: This option will re-create the Source hierarchy as is on the Target.

Merge: This option will exclude your source Item and the Items underneath that folder will merge on to the given target path.

Follow below steps to import structure mapping

  1. Click on the “Settings” button in the “Migration Tasks” pane at the bottom of the Proventeq Migration Accelerator Home screen for the selected Migration Task.
  2. Select the “Content Type Mapping Settings” tab in the “Migration Task Settings” window if it is not already open.

  3. Click on the “Import Mappings” radio button from the “Structure Hierarchy” option.

  4. Click on the “Mapping details” button.

  5. Select Structure Mapping Type as URI from the drop-down menu.

  6. Click on the 2.3.6.pngbutton to select the desired Structure Mapping File.

  7. Click on the 2.3.7.png button to import the selected Structure Mapping File.

  8. Click on the “Close” button.

  9. To check that your Structure Mapping configuration is correct you can attempt to process some items in the Execution Tab.



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