HowTo: Handle Meridio Items that do not have a category


To handle items that do not have a Category assigned in a Meridio source system, a Custom Content Type must be created. To do so, open the target Workspace in Proventeq Migration Accelerator and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the “Settings” button in the “Migration Tasks” pane at the bottom of the home screen for the selected Migration Task.

  1. Select the ‘Content Type Mapping Settings’ tab in the Migration Task Settings window if it is not already open.

  2. From here click the ‘Add a new Source Classification’ button in the upper-right corner of the ‘Unmapped Source Content Types’ panel, as shown in the image below.

  1. Enter a descriptive name such as ‘Custom Null’ in the Content Type Name

  2. In the Base Content Type drop-down menu, select a Content Type from which the items of this new Content Type will derive from. Ideally, this should be a generic type such as Document that will apply to all the items in this new CT.

  3. For the Script Language, select ‘PowerShell’.

  4. Replace the text in the script body area with the following script definition:

    return $true
    return $false
  1. Verify that your entered data is analogous to the image below, then click the ‘Ok’ button to save your new Content Type.


Now that your Content Type has been created, all that remains is to map it to its respective target Content Type.

  • First, select your Custom Content Type from the ‘Unmapped Source Content Type’ pane.
  • Next, select the desired target Content Type from the ‘Available Target Content Type Pane’.
  • Then, click the ‘Map’ button.; in doing so should result in the ‘Content Type Mapping Settings’ window appearing.
  • Finally, proceed to map the relevant metadata fields as usual.



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