HowTo: Create and Configure Attachment Content Type Mapping in Hummingbird to SharePoint Migration


Please refer to the following steps to create an Attachment Custom Content Type and map it to DocumentSet content type. We have to do this Custom Content Type mapping because Migration Accelerator will migrate Hummingbird attachments in a DocumentSet along with its primary document.

  1. Create a custom content type named “Attachment” as shown below and by using given PS Script.
    Please Refer to the section “5.5.4 Custom Content Type (Source Classification)” in the user guide to understand how to create a Custom Content Type classification.


    PowerShell Script:

    If($MigrationItem.SI.EntityType -eq "Attachment")


    return $True




    return $False


  2. Create a content type mapping for Attachments -> DocumentSet as shown below:


    • See the following screenshot for the “Title” field mapping by using Metadata-based mapping:

    • See the following screenshots for “Created” and “Modified” fields function mapping by using an existing function “Get-SourceItemValue”.


    • See the following screenshot for DocumentSet’s “FileLeafRef” metadata field by using script mapping.


      PowerShell Script:

      return 'Attachment_' + $MigrationItem.SI.ItemName

  3. Click on the “Close” button to save the “Attachment -> DocumentSet” Content Type mapping.



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